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About the artist...


"Carving a large piece of wood...

...the material takes you to an engaging adventure!"

Lorenzo Foncerrada


Personal Notes:

A long-time Californian, Lorenzo Foncerrada, at age 6, moved with his family to San Diego from Guadalajara, Mexico. As a young man, Lorenzo was influenced by his father Miguel Foncerrada Cuervo who worked and studied in Mexico with an elite group of internationally famous artists from the Mexican artistic revolution period of the mid 1920s: Diego Rivera, Fridha Kahlo, Tina Modotti, Edward Weston, Jean Charlot, Donal Hord.

He is known today as "Fonce". He attended local schools and graduated from San Diego State University with a B.A. in Mathematics and a minor in Art excelling in pottery, furniture design and sculpture.

Although employed after college as a mathematician analyst, his interest in design, art, sculpture and woodworking remained keen. So it was natural when he completed his tour as an Air Force Captain for him to pursue a livelihood in the field of design. He established a furniture design business where he designed and manufactured decorative and commercial projects. A few years later, he built and opened El Centro Artesano a Mexican Imports shop in Old Town State Park, selling craft items in an art gallery where he and other artisans produced and sold original work.

In the 1970's Fonce worked at Foodmaker Inc. (Jack-in-the Box restaurants) as Director of Design in the Architectural Department, and as Manager of Creative Services, headed the Design & Graphics department.

From 1979 to 1991, was design principal and owner of Foncerrada Design Associates, involved in a myriad of corporate image and interior design projects. Fonce and his entire staff were early proponents and became expert users of Macintosh Computers in advanced graphics, drafting and art work preparation.

He is a past member of the Sign Advisory Committee for the San Diego Community Colleges, and past president or the San Diego Communicating Arts Group. In 1988, as member in the San Diego chapter of the International Society of Interior Designers, received this chapter's Distinguished Member Award.

His design work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times Home Magazine, American Home Magazine, California Redwood Magazine, San Diego Home and Garden Magazine, and Fine Woodworking Magazine, among others.

In recent years he has concentrated on traveling and buying woodcarvings and craft items for his import store, Enchanted Woods of Old Town, and on carving unique furniture and direct-cut wood sculpture. As a Member of the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association, he has participated in, and won several awards in the prestigious Design In Wood Show. Recent Commissions include a Kung Fu Buddha, A Carved Historic Mural, and a 5ft. English Hunter With His Hound.

When he's not involved with Wood Sculpture, Fonce enjoys tennis, skiing, art and woodwork at home. A naturalized American Citizen, with bilingual abilities, he resides in a 96-year-old home that he and his artist-wife, Nancie, are continuously renovating and remodeling.

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Fonce carving the Enchanted Pacific Mermaid

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